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Hands-On, LLC is changing the perception of public transportation through cleaner and safer public transportation vehicles and communities.


Our Services

When we wash, we schedule a Quality Control Manager to work with crews that have been thoroughly trained by certified fleet cleaning professionals.

Vehicle Types for Fleet Servicing / Cleaning


Hands-On, LLC was founded in 2004 by Mr. Patrick Washington. With over 10years experience in the transportation we have continued to succeed and provide the unparalleled service to our clients, through our continuous commitment to excellence, and by constantly investing in the people and improving consumer needs. Our fleet servicing team is equipped to wash/service hundreds of fleet units a day and our process includes an environmentally safe water removal system. Hands-On, LLC shelter maintenance service provides a clean and healthy environment for our clients and commuters throughout the nation. We have an extensive transit qualifications combined with building maintenance skills and experience to provide a unique service to our customers. Our commitment to excellence is also confirmed through our certifications for MDOT and LSBRP.

WE ARE committed to excellence and customer focus

Hands-On, LLC’s three fold vision - customer centricity, diligence, and a commitment to excellence. These concepts merge into one highly, productive goal. That goal is to be a partner in the community by changing the perception of public transportation.

Why Choose Hands On

Expertly trained, quality-conscious employees
We meet YOUR scheduling needs
Environmentally safe washing system with biodegradable products
Competitive price, reliable service
Outstanding service we are dedicated to customer satisfaction
National knowledge and support combined with local expertise

Clients that we have serviced include:

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Hands- On, LLC strives to be a great enduring company by championing business practices that help produce social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities in which we operate. Hands- On, LLC focuses its efforts on providing excellent customer service to our clients; providing a great work environment for our employees; making a positive contribution to our communities and minimizing our environmental impact. Products that we use are biodegradable. It is critical that we do our part in being and a green company we use products that are ECO- friendly. Please see the list of base cleaners used below with outstanding results.

  • Oxysmart – Multi purpose cleaner
  • Flexi – Clean  Floor solutions
  • Eco-Off – Solution for graffiti removal
  • Enviro Tru – used as an extra step to disinfect hand railings on buses and trains.


Allow us to help you stand out in the transportation industry no matter where you are. Hands-On, LLC has the experience to service you nationwide.